Devon baldwin and g eazy dating

As he explains in “Endless Summer,” he was “inspired by the likes of Yeezy, Keith Haring Lil Weezy, Jean-Michel Basquiat to Jeezy, Banksy to the Beatles, Johnny Cash to the Beaters” to become “a legend.” He had no money, no connections, no father in his life—nothing but his ambition and his unshakeable teenage conviction that one day he, too, would be one of the greats.

Four years ago, G-Eazy was catapulted into the national spotlight by his cover of 1961’s #1 hit song, Dion’s “Runaround Sue”.

He had retrofitted an old anthem for a new generation, rapping about his love interest (played in the music video by then-girlfriend Devon Baldwin) running off with some other guy, all to the finger-snapping catchiness of a classic hit.

That was the turning point—the catalyst that invited industry recognition and mainstream attention for the first time, the spark that jump-started his increasingly promising career.

” I actually ended up recording it in a closet on my laptop.

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He had also described the whole incident in his album “Everything will be OK” and “When it’s Dark out”.

So last year, when he released “Me, Myself & I” with vocals from French artist Bebe Rexha, the surprise wasn’t that G-Eazy had finally broken through to the Billboard Top 10.

It was that the party anthem that exploded worldwide was a song in which G-Eazy talked about his desire for privacy, anxiety around strangers, and inability to escape from the lavish life he’d assembled for himself.

G-Eazy lived his childhood in troubles after the divorce of his parent. Eazy can’t understand the nature of this relation but he welcomed Melissa as the part of the family.

One day he came back home and find her dead due to the overdose of drugs.