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As he chased after the commando, jealousy consumed him as the mechromancer's robot soared through the sky, slashing at him with digistruct claws and causing explosions everywhere it goes, he wanted his robots to do that.The rage he felt for the flying torso of destruction kept him too occupied to notice the bloodthirsty psychopath ripping through the flesh in his back with that buzzax of his."Axton, the shields are going back up," Maya called out.In trying to understand him, she becomes obsessed with him, and tries to bend him to her will, and makes him submit to her.Link is an adorable little boy that's about to become the greatest fuck toy ever! Someone Karen [cough, cough] lost the map when she insisted on a little dalliance among the daisies.

It was bad timing for both as another shock wave hit them, crippling the little girl once again. " She screamed, trying to kill one of the robots to gain a second wind."Relax, we almost got him," Axton called out, setting down his sabre turret once again.

The barriers protecting Hyrule have broken down, a new evil from the south emerges.

Link, Zelda and others must escape this oncoming menace and find a way to overcome it before all of Hyrule and the rest of the world is lost.

The commando nodded and began firing upon the robots to shut them down.

Gaige kept firing wildly at over sized engineer, grinning like a sociopath as she does it, despite the fact that most of her bullets have been hellbent on refusing to hit anything.