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Would like one that has the phone kind of standing up not a pad kind. About the Get Smartphone Smart Series Most of us are...

And would I need a charger back for my phone to make it work. I ordered a Black Mist s4 from Verizon online and received a Black Mist s4 with "white" charge cord and "white" headphones. If your phone's removable battery isn't charging or holding a charge, this provides some helpful tips.

Get your pictures, songs and videos on your new device.

With Black Berry® Link, you can manage and sync content between Black Berry 10 devices and your computer.

You can get them on your Android phonebook in just a few clicks.

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We need the pictures from somewhere and what better than pulling them from social networks like Facebook, Whats App et al?

I had to remove null-byte at the beginning of extracted file.

You can, of course, do it with HEX-editor, but you better delete "NUL" at the beginning with Notepad which will not corrupt binary file like any other text editor. size=l So far those are the only three sizes I discovered that work.

And viola, this is the You can see it online if the user’s profile is public.

This link will take you to the Echo user’s profile avatar: Echo Avatar The link is: To get a higher resolution picture use the To get a higher resolution picture you can use the "size" parameter.