Sensitive sex chat bot

It's the first of its kind, and it comes from the makers of Lovely, which is basically a Fit Bit for your dick.

In their continuing quest to improve your bedroom performance, they’ve partnered with sexologist Dr.

My mother never said that about any of the other things that I showed her.

That's the goal of Lovely Bot, new Facebook chatbot that engages you in a kind of sex therapy session. Invented by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT, ELIZA would ask very simple questions and her replies were often simply reiterations of whatever she had just been told. Experiments in 1966 with the world’s first chatbot hinted that people could bond with bots.Do you ever stop and ponder what it would be like if Siri or Alexa possessed the same ability to answer everyday questions, but had a propensity for orgasms, was shaped (more or less) like a human woman, and was way more difficult to explain to your houseguests?If so, you may be interested in Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos’ new robotic dolls.