Within the 'Create Script with Attribute Launch Point : Step 3 of 3' add the following script: if onupdate == True: siteid_readonly = True Click on the Create button. function that takes functions to be called whenever it receives a new location.C Examples: /* When the application is idle, the On Update event occurs for every action that is linked to a visible control or menu item that is showing.This provides an opportunity for applications to execute centralized code for enabling and disabling, checking and unchecking, and so on.Finally, if the action does not have an On Update event handler, the application executes any predefined update method implemented by the action object.

Write an On Update event handler to configure the properties of a specified action in the list so that it reflects current conditions.

I have a Now I wonder if the re-rendering would be triggered by anything else than a Router action.

If so, beware, we will have duplicate analytic events (not sure what google analytics does with those, it may ignore them). An on Change even in react-router would have made this a lot easier - i'm still unsure if this will track page views for changes that aren't location related.

Add the following: Variable: siteid Variable Type: INOUT Override?

CHECKED Binding Type: ATTRIBUTE Launch Point Attribute: siteid 5) Click on Next button.