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According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, stronger men make awful boyfriends.The study surveyed 327 straight British men, more than a third of whom were single, and discovered that the more muscular the participant, the more likely he was to have sexist beliefs and hostility toward women. The correlation between brawny men and sexist beliefs is rooted in traditional gender roles.I’ve lost count of the amount of times a guy has said to me, Funny stuff.The poor guy (hey, I used to be like that myself) thinks that women are like innocent little angels and would never, ever think about having sex.The researchers claimed that in societies where patriarchal structures are being challenged, men may attempt to prove their masculinity by bettering their bodies.Basically, men who are around women in power tend to feel threatened and display this through gaining muscle.In fact the gym is a particularly good hang out if you are looking to meet muscular guys since it can be safely assumed that they will be into serious working out and shaping up.The weight room is especially a popular spot since many gyms claim that a majority of their male clients can be found pumping iron.

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We're talking small tweaks, like acting nicer and swapping your deodorant.Buy a gym membership The gym has long been a favorite place for singles to check out potential partners.The venue helps girls and guys to chat up each other since the intention is not so obvious as in a bar or nightclub and neither is it so formal as it would be in a workplace.TIP: Visit to browse photo profiles of single muscled guys.Here's where you can meet singles in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.