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The movie begins with the Thanksgiving arrival of Jack’s dreaded twin sister Jill (Sandler in drag), a spinster who speaks with a honking, lisping, painfully exaggerated faux Bronx accent. The Sadelsteins are Jewish, a point that Jack hammers home again and again with his oft-voiced paranoia about anti-Semitism, directed mostly at his hapless assistant (Nick Swardson).

When all that fails, he tries to hook her up with Al Pacino. Felipe invites Jill to join him for a regular Mexican family pastime – picnicking in the park, playing soccer, eating chimichangas and “stealing white people’s wallets.” This squirm-worthy moment is topped only by Jill’s post-picnic run for the bathroom as the chimichangas make “a run for the border.” I forgive Jack for hating his sister because I hate his sister.

But the movie, like so many, insists on making a sentimental case for sibling bonding; the two eventually offer forced declarations of love.

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were a dirty thing, mainly practiced by people eager to express ugly feelings toward everyone from homely women to Mexican immigrants.