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As we get more comfortable with people in our lives, we usually can reveal our vulnerability and mistakes more readily.Think about your own level of truthfulness in dating relationships.How many of us take the time to consider whether our own behavior is ethical?

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In case you don’t know my expertise here: I’ve been engaged to a club promoter at a local popular Seattle EDM club for over two-and-a-half years.

You don't have to tell every sordid detail about your life on the first date, but if your goal is a lasting, loving relationship, you can't build that on lies.

If a dating partner asks a question that you don't feel comfortable answering and are tempted to answer with a lie, you can simply say, "That's something I'd like to wait to talk about until we know each other better." Maintaining good boundaries, those that are appropriate to the stage of the relationship or to your own comfort level, is not the same as being untruthful.

When asked what characteristics make for a great partner, nearly everyone mentions "honesty." Being lied to is usually a very painful experience, and is often the undoing of a relationship. Researcher Bella De Paolo stated that "romantic relationships are hotbeds for serious lies," with the most serious ones being about infidelity.

Decades of psychological research have shown that people tell lies on a daily basis, usually to present themselves in a better light. A lot.) However, the closer and more intimate the relationship, the less likely people are to tell those types of lies.