Myeclipse error updating profile

Relative to Web Sphere 7.0, with IBM Web Sphere 8.5 the installation procedure has changed dramatically.You will now use the IBM Installation Manager as a central hub to manage the installation process.Once you have selected the features you want, click Confirm.You will also be asked to accept the JRebel License Agreement.

Following the installation, you probably won’t have a license yet.

The JRebel plugin for Eclipse includes JRebel Agents and it helps you automatically generate the JRebel configuration. To speed up the process, you can deselect Contact all update sites... The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers package should contain everything you need.

It also enables JRebel for applications and servers with a single click and improves the debugging support in Eclipse. JRebel for My Eclipse (2015 and later) and (9.1 through 2014) are the dedicated My Eclipse packages.

When presented with the feature select list, select JRebel for My Eclipse (2015 and later) or JRebel for My Eclipse (9.1 through 2014) – based on your IDE. Accept the terms of the license agreement and restart your IDE when prompted.

You can also open this window from Help JRebel Activation.