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Mbambani is said to have been suspended by the government information service (GCIS) for alleged “improper behaviour” and because of the clothes she wears when she is around politicians.

Radebe, 64, is the ANC’s policy head and has served in every Cabinet since 1994.

He sent it from his work computer to a friend's Orbitel 901 cell phone.

It read "Merry Christmas." Papworth had no idea that short message service (SMS) technology would go on to dominate the mobile world, and all but replace phone calls.

Attempts to get comment from the Presidency and Radebe’s office on Sunday were unsuccessful. Political analyst at the Northwest University, André Duvenhage, says he thinks Radebe “has somehow been targeted”.

He doesn’t know if the request for the photo “is the end of the world”.“I don’t want to excuse his behaviour, but he probably has been targeted because of his political loyalties. We know that Zuma functions and works through security institutions.”Duvenhage also believes that the timing is interesting as it coincides with the fight against the rape and murder of women and girls.“I don’t know if he ever was a strong candidate for the ANC presidency, but I read more into it than just the photographs. Professor Susan Booysen, a political analyst at the University of the Witwatersrand, said it was a pity that such a high profile candidate has been besmirched like that.

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We strategize a little around the fact that I now have Creative Director’s phone number — it was for a project, I swear — and tan for a few hours. He sends me a text asking if I have a tan line, and I tell him he should check for me in person. I spend half the morning tightening up a short presentation I’m giving to my team tomorrow, and the other on Linked In. I’m not exactly unhappy that he’s gone, but this Friday night is ending on kind of a boring note. I reach for my phone and blearily compose a text to Creative Director.

I’ll say it again: There are so many things I love about my current company, but walking in every morning knowing that I have no forward trajectory here is getting to be humiliating. In an attempt to make myself at least a little useful, I text Harry a link to some organizations that might make for cool sources for his latest project, which he told me all about last night. I basically vibrate with this tiny sliver of appreciation. To be clear, we texted before — a handful of times about work — but obviously never at this kind of hour or on a weekend. Of course, he keeps it polite and appropriate — but we do engage in some definite back-and-forth.

But I'm definitely not caught up on the latest teenage texting shortcuts. That’s why I wrote this article -- to give you a reference guide to bookmark for the next time you don't know what you're seeing on your kid's phone.

That became painfully clear when I started getting texts from my nephews. But what about the more obscure references meant to deceive parents while discussing partying & sex? Below are definitions for 25 disturbing texting shortcuts every parent should learn today.