Dating jitters

Whether there are ways that you may have contributed to the demise of your past relationships or there are certain unsupportive characteristics that you tend to be attracted to in a partner, get realistic about what you’d like to shed, and what you’d like to keep. Learn what makes you happy when you’re with a partner and when you’re on your own. After all, dating can be thought of as a practice of getting to know yourself better.

This is a critical step, especially if you're stuck in the belief that another person will complete you or is responsible for your happiness. Now that these preparatory tips are out of the way, let's consider what happens once you have a date.

Jake said he’d be in touch, and then proceeded to be silent for two weeks. Kate thought she “knew” that Jake wasn’t husband material because he blew her off—a pretty reasonable assumption. On the other hand, maybe if she’d given him another chance back then, they could have bypassed a couple years of loneliness and searching.

When he finally did reach out, an irritated Kate said, “Let’s just end this before it starts.” A few years later, they bumped into each other on the street and decided to give it another shot. Kate and Jake’s story begs an interesting question: Was Kate wrong to end things the first go-around? It’s understandable that people ask the “how do I know? A good relationship involves a substantial investment and risk up front.

Many people become so nervous on a first date, worrying incessantly that they will do the wrong thing, that they fail to let their true self be seen.

It could send the message that you’re not giving your date your full attention or you’re not that interested in the first place.

So, how do you turn that energy into a relaxed quest for fun? Most of us get the dating jitters because we’re overwhelmed by the anxiety of things being unclear or unpredictable.

We sit wondering if we’re going to measure up, if the past is going to repeat itself, if the future will be better. Notice any beliefs you have about dating and question them.

First dates are super awesome, but admit it: They can also be super stressful!

From what to wear to what to say to whether or not he’s going to kiss you goodnight, it’s so easy to become a bucket full of nerves before a first date.