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Live Chat Ltd offers real time opportunity to engage customers and prospects in a customized manner.We offer voice support agents who take your calls through a web based software and convert your online customers in to valuable sales leads. If your online customers are facing any difficulty during their online shopping and they are unable to explain it via live chat, our voice support agents talk to them and solve their problems instantly.Remote assistance allows 24/7 support staff to help you from their desks wherever you are (as long as you can connect to the Internet), provides a secure connection between your computer and the computer being used to help you, and saves you the inconvenience of coming to the center.You may initiate a live chat yourself at any time from or a technical consultant from the 24/7 may recommend a chat during a phone consultation and send you an email with an invitation link.

It creates another doorway into all of our services and multiple areas of expertise, and that doorway exists everywhere people are online, anywhere in the world.” And for students, “it’s the convenience, for sure,” says Tom Ottaviano, business and economics librarian at Mann.We know how much precious is your business time and you don’t want to spend it on answering thousands of customers’ emails daily.We are here to answer your support emails as soon as within 45 minutes.“They like being able to stay up on the third floor and still get help from a librarian, and they like being able to get assistance from off-campus as well.”When we’re doing coop Chat – filling in for other member libraries’ off hours - people will ask questions specific to another university’s library, such as, “On what floor can I find the maps?” And we don’t work in that library, so we don’t know.