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Did you love the model Tawny Kitaen as she humped on top of cars?

You're a loner type who probably works in the IT field and makes a good salary, but you're too shy and modest to pull one over on the ladies.

These days men can't just be stone-crushing, elephant-lifting, six-pack having babe magnets.

Now you have to have an amazing job, 401K, be a great father, and manscape. The days of good looks and pure muscle strength are over, boys. But how does one truly know how much of a man he is?

Children should address adults using the words Mr, Mrs, and Miss outside of church, or Brother, Sister in a church setting followed by that person's last name.

Today’s tutorial is a half up braid that I use to hide a frizzy blowdry.

Poison If your favorite song was "Fallen Angel" or "Talk Dirty to Me," you're probably really pretty and have amazing muscles, but your brain is mush.

Girls loved you when you were younger but now these women have aged and you don't have a ton of earning potential because well, you're not all that bright, kiddo.

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He made us a little lower than the angels in importance and gave us the charge to rule/manage the rest of His creation.You're a diamond in the rough, but you're so hidden no one knows about you.You're the easiest to beat in arm wrestling, and you can't hold a beer for squat.—last week I said was part 1 of a 2-part message and we would finish that mini-series today, but this past week God led me into adding to it so it will be a 3-part series with part 3 next week.Last week we talked about Eli and his two sons, Phinehas and Hophni.