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Harris Publications sold off a number of their publications to Athlon Magazines, but Whos Who was not included in the sale.The Last edition of Who's Who In baseball was printed in 2016.In 1978, at the age of 9, Harper attended Bob Marley's performance in Burbank, California where Marley was joined by former bandmate Peter Tosh for the encore.It was, according to Harper, an important influence.It also uses pitch tracking data to help forecast pitchers.Read More Projected stats for the rest of the season as calculated by Steamer, which uses past performance and aging trends to develop a future projection for players.By the 1950s magazines such as The sporting News, Sport, and Sports Illustrated started grabbing the market share, and by 1965 baseball Magazine printed it's last issue.In April 2016, Harris Publications, which had published the annual since 1952 closed shop.

In 1999, at the Santa Barbara Bowl, Harper met Jack Johnson and sent a demo tape of Johnson's songs to his producer, J. Plunier, who then produced Johnson's first album, Brushfire Fairytales, in December 2000.

published the first issue of Who's Who in Baseball. Starting in 1916 Who's Who in Baseball was published annually by Baseball Magazine until 1952 when Harris Publications took over.

Launched in 1908, Baseball Magazine, was the leading publication of its time for information on the game of baseball.

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