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One night in Beverly Hills in the Hottie-verse, a cat burglar breaks into someone's house and steals a TV. In the Baman Piderman-verse, Baman and Piderman introduces Pumkin, Squib, Tuba and Wanda the Ghost to the Dept. Grapearl Lagann goes into space and combats Chimera Zord, an epic battle ensures.

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The burglar was about to pull out his gun when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he is grabbed by a giant red robot with sunglasses on it's chest. While Lazengann Mk-II beats Chimera Zord to a pulp, Grapearl Lagann finishes it off with the Giga Drill Kick, which involves transforming the leg into a drill and performs a flying side kicks, and strikes Chimera Zord, destroying it. In the end Hottie offers the crew of the Enterprise to join the Dept. Later that night Alison and Matt returns from their date and catches Yoko and Fred making out. Linksano informs everybody that the Guild of Super Evil have invaded New Earth (DC Universe).

It was Gurren Lagann co-piloted by Simon, leader of Team Dai-Gurren, and Viral. E., short for Guild of Super Evil, is invading multiple universes and that they are trying to takeover the multiverse. Alison soon dons the Hottie suit and takes command. After saving the DC Universe from The Guild of Super Evil, the Dept.