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Where do you take a date — especially one who’s into food and whom you want to impress — without the dread of knowing you’re probably going to spend over a hundred bucks before all is said and done?We bring you our half dozen favorite Bay Area spots that make for great date venues — and which won’t break the bank.Each section includes options for a first date, a breakup, a longterm relationship, and other scenarios (see the key, below right, for exact categories).

Sure, the waterfall on the center island, sweeping city views, ducks, and storybook wooden bridges could tip this date into cheesy territory, but that’s nothing a few tall boys in paper bags can’t temper. It’s basically a typical Mission bar -- complete with decent food, craft cocktails, and people in flannel -- only there are bowling lanes, too.

Every date situation calls for different things — be it neighborhood, vibe, or price point.

And it can be tricky to find the right bar, restaurant, or cafe based on Google search alone.

Upgrade your standard happy-hour date by suggesting an after-work tee-time (it’s located on Second and Howard, near all your standard happy hour bars, anyway).

A bike ride in the daytime -- standard, romantic fare. And thanks to panoramas around every corner, San Francisco turns what’s basically just walking into an exercise in romance. whilst waves gently crash near by -- it’s like Danielle Steel created SF’s coastline herself.