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Jordan told News4Jax Wednesday that it's now easier than ever to get secret surveillance."Now, you can get cameras that have night vision. For those worried about the cameras, there's good news.

The timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable.

With all the stories about governments or corporations becoming "Big Brother", it turns out that Big Brother might just be next door.

In the latest kidnapping case in California, police say that one of the best initial leads they got came from the surveillance camera of the next door neighbor.

We witness the terrifying events unfold through daughter Judith's video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A.

In this interesting drama, three sequences which could have formed separate stories are linked together, like cars on a train, to give a larger perspective on the nature of reality and film... tracks how one man's creative frustration bore a need to make the perfect horror film.

USA has collected all the world’s cash in its treasuries.However, all these luxuries and wellness stay in touch to the poverty and unsound, that leads to the protests and disorders.The Daily Mail reports that when parents of two year old Sasha noticed that their child was behaving aggressively they suspected something was wrong and decided to set up a secret camera in their home.While the camera itself is legal, it's already been linked to crimes.Florida police have already found the coat hook cameras hidden in bathrooms.