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In my old code I had something like: Exception Details: System.

Invalid Operation Exception: Object Data Source 'src Trade' could not find a non-generic method 'Update Trade' that has parameters: symbol, pct Account Risked, trade Setup Id, lots Per Unit, initial Stop Price, tf Code, MAEPips, MFEPips, trade Grade, execution Grade, trade Type Id, comment, trade Id.

The List View control supports the data editing, insertion, deleting, paging and sorting semantics of higher-level controls like the Grid View.

But - unlike the Grid View - it provides you with over the html markup generated.

It is simply a tool; a powerful tool indeed but not necessarily ideal for every situation.

The Object Data Source control is particularly suited for declarative programming and, in general, all those scenarios where your information fits well in the control s programming interface.

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The return value, output parameters, and exception handling properties are available from the Object Data Source Status Event Args object that is associated with the event.public void Update Trade( int trade Id, string symbol, decimal pct Account Risked, string trade Setup Id, decimal lots Per Unit, decimal initial Stop Price, string tf Code, int MAEPips, int MFEPips, int trade Grade, int execution Grade, string comment) Thanks for the answer. I'm not really sure what you mean, but what i did was check that the columns returned by Get Trade exist in Update Trade.There are some extra columns returned by Get Trade that don't exist in Update Trade, but that's what I want. Do I need to list every Update parameter in Update Trade?The HTML markup output from the server will be 100% CSS based (no tables or inline styles).Before we start working on our product page, we'll first want to define the overall UI and layout structure for our site.